Six Pack! The Most Effective Ways To Achieve Your Goal For Anyone!

Updated: May 4, 2020

Six Pack! The Most Sought After Goal In Fitness?

Having a six pack is arguably one of the most desired characteristics by most people involved in fitness or just for people in general. The abdominal muscles are the core of the body, therefore having strong abs will more than likely lead to your whole body being stronger. The way people tend to define if you have a strong core is to have a six pack, this is why it's so desired and most find it to look very attractive.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, achieving a six pack is arguably one of the hardest goals to achieve on your body. To get your abs looking shredded it's essential to have hard work and dedication, amongst a correct diet and workout plan. Although, some may think it be impossible for them to have a ripped belly, I can safely say if you follow the three rules above it's definitely achievable.

A Six Pack Diet

Diet, arguably the most effective way to steer yourself towards any goal you want from the gym. It's simple, if you want to put weight on, then you eat more and if you want to lose weight then you eat less (basically put). To achieve six pack abs on the other hand, what is the best diet?

The best answer I could give for this question, would be to follow a low sugar, low carbohydrate diet. The key to making this diet work is to aim for as little sugar as possible. As for carbohydrates, it's more important to concentrate on which types you are consuming, rather than the actual amount. Now, everybody is different and you have to realise this but for a rough guideline I would say less than 200 grams a day of carbs. Also note, that to lose weight you must make sure you are taking in less calories than you are burning off. To find roughly how many calories you burn off in a day, I would recommend experimenting week by week, slowly dropping your calorie in-take until you start to see your weight go down. For a rough guide I would suggest not exceeding 2500 calories a day.

Best carbohydrate type foods to eat:

  • Sweet potatoes.

  • Brown Rice.

  • Brown Pasta.

  • Oats.

What to avoid:

  • Bread.

  • Alcohol (especially beer, due to the high yeast content).

  • White potatoes, rice and pasta.

  • High sugar drinks and foods.

Cardio Or Weights For The Best Abs?

One of the biggest questions that I come across, when people want ripped abs, is weights or cardio? The reason for this is, weight lifting or exercising your abs should theoretically build the abdominal muscles. Cardio, on the other hand, should burn off the fat around your stomach.

Both of these theories are correct in a sense, however both need to be used correctly to achieve the best results. With weight training, I would normally recommend not to use weight for abs but to simply do non equipment exercises. This can be things like crunches, bicycles, planks and Russian twists. When performing these movements I would always suggest to do sets of high repetitions, normally around 20+ reps. You only need to take around 5-10 minutes at the end of a workout on these exercises and they need performing 3-5 times a week.

Cardio is an easier one because if you do any cardio you will essentially burn off calories. Even so, I would suggest low intensity, high-volume cardio. For example, a slow jog for a longer period of time, instead of a faster jog for a shorter space of time. I have found that the lower your intensity when doing a cardio workout then the less muscle burned and the more fat lost.

How Much Dedication Is Needed For A Six Pack?

Now the right diet, training and cardio may be essential for a shredded core but none of that means anything if you don’t have the dedication. Trust me I’ve learnt this through self-experience, to get 6 pack abs it can take a very long time. Even without cheating on your diet and keeping a constant workout routine, it will more than likely still take months to achieve. Also, once you have a 6 pack, to keep it you will have to keep up a good diet and keep working out correctly. It’s not something I would tell people to aim for, if they can’t get in the correct mindset and have that burning desire for a set goal. Just remember every time you get bored on your diet, every time you feel the gym is taking over your life, it will be worth it! Especially when people are complimenting you on how amazing you look!

Anyone Can Have A Six Pack!

6 pack abs are one of the hardest things people struggle to achieve in fitness. You must remember though, it’s possible for anyone to have, if you have the correct mind set and information. Following my diet and workout tips from above, teamed with hard work and dedication, you can achieve a shredded stomach.

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