Guilt Free Eating! Here's A List Of Some Healthy Cheat Meals!

Updated: May 4, 2020

Treat Meal! Not Cheat Meal!

As obesity is increasing, people have started to focus on their health and weight loss. They have been doing everything to stop gaining weight and the most common thing they have been doing is exercising and dieting. Those who are serious in maintaining their weight or fitness enthusiasts, have been commonly using a term cheat day or cheat meal but what is it?

Cheat day is basically a day where you forget about your diet food and you just eat whatever your heart wants. And a cheat meal is the meal you eat to full fill the desire of your heart and is excluded from the diet chart. It could be a pizza, burger, confectionery or anything that is tastier than diet food but may be unhealthy.

Most of the enthusiasts feel guilty when they have their favourite cheat meals because of it being unhealthy and affecting their diet. However, they don’t have to be upset anymore because they can now have a guilt free lunch and healthy cheat desserts. Instead of a cheat meal i prefer to call them treat meals, as they are a treat for the fact you have stuck to your diet, so there's no need to be hard on yourself. I have made this list of just some of my favourites, they may not be super healthy but they're a healthier alternative to your usual cheat/treat meals.

Buffalo Chicken, Mac And Cheese

It is a perfect meal to have on your treat day. Made with macaroni, buffalo meat, creamed corn, and cheese, it's reasonably low on fats. Creamed corn adds natural cream to your food whilst excluding unhealthy fats. On the other hand, buffalo meat is full of Vitamin B6, B12, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, potassium, riboflavin and niacin. This is my main treat meal i have at lunch times.

Paleo Eggs, Garlic And Avocado Burger

Many have an obsession for burgers and the first thing they want to eat on their treat day is a burger. Now without feeling guilty, they can have a healthy burger made up of grass fed ground beef, basil, eggs, garlic, and avocado. Apart from taste, this burger will give you proteins, vitamin B2, selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12, iron, zinc, and copper. All these nutrients allow the easy digestion of the dish. Once again this is amazingly tasty and a great lunch time dish.

Turkey, Bacon And Avocado Grilled Sandwich

Sandwiches are love! Especially when they are healthy. This turkey sandwich is made with lite turkey, bacon, avocados, tomatoes, and basil. I would recommend using whole-wheat bread for the slow-releasing carbohydrates and nutrients.. You can add a little bit of low-fat cheese for your cravings. It is a lite, tasty treat meal and can be easily digested, so it won't leave you feeling lethargic. You can have this dish full of thiamin, vitamin B12, zinc, and selenium, in your dinner.

Low Carb Cloud Bread Pizza

Low Carb Cloud Bread Pizza is a gluten-free and ketogenic diet-friendly dish you can have in your dinner. This fluffy pizza is made up of cloud bread dough, prosciutto, garlic, low-fat cheese and basil leaves, along with some spicy sauces to make it yummy. It will help you to lose your weight as it is a low-carb meal. It is free from fat and full of nutrients to keep it a healthy dish. You can add as many veggies as you want to make it even healthier.

Grilled Sweet Potato Nachos

Want something healthy for your snack time on your treat day? This is a great dish to try. Made with crunchy nachos it can be made with juicy veggies you love, some spicy sauces and low-fat cheese. This lightweight dish will leave you feeling full and is easily digested. The veggies will give you all the nutrients you get from your usual salad but with much more taste. It's high in essential vitamins and proteins that your body needs, which makes this a great treat day snack.

Chocolate, Pistachio And Zucchini Doughnut

Most fitness fanatics will wait for their treat days to full fill their craving for some tasty desserts. They used to feel bad for consuming so many calories, affecting their diet, but they don’t have to worry about it anymore. This chocolate pistachio zucchini doughnut has been made with zucchini, pistachio, cocoa powder, and spinach. This breakfast dish is Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Refined Sugar-Free. It contains a lot less calories than your usual doughnut and includes a serving of vegetables.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now these definitely aren't the healthiest option but i love my cookies too much that i have made a healthier version to enjoy myself. I do not use refined white sugar, butter, or white flour. To make the dish healthier I make it with oat flour and dark chocolate chips which have a great amount of antioxidants. I also like to use coconut oil instead of butter for some healthy fats. You can even add cinnamon for your taste and it's another spice that's reasonably healthy.

Air Fried Rolled Potato Tacos

It has always been a struggle to think about a dish that can be tasty and healthy at the same time but air fried rolled potato tacos is just this. The main factor I need to stress is that it's air fried, the fact you aren't using cooking oil is essential for it to be as healthy as possible. In this meal you'll need potatoes, tacos, and veggies of your choice.

People want to be healthy but it is difficult to avoid foods that can be full of unhealthy spices and oils.These are just a few recipes that are healthier alternatives to have on your treat days. I am certainly not claiming that all these are perfectly good for you but they're meals that i enjoy myself and they keep my cravings down from splurging on something for unhealthy.

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