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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

FIIT is currently staking claim to the most popular and highly rated fitness app on the market. As of late apps are becoming popular because they're generally cheaper than personal trainers but they definitely don't seem as tailored or defined. The FIIT app boasts a wide range of personal training videos along with a huge community to help push each other along. At this current time while the gyms are closed I decided to give FIIT a go. Mainly due to it's wide range of program categories and the ability to complete these workouts at home.

FIIT App Pre-Purchase Price Review

Firstly when i go onto the website they're prompting me to begin a 14 day free trial. Most trainers and apps nowadays offer this so it's not too special but it's nice to have the option nonetheless. Once the trial has finished you then have some different options on how to pay which is a full year, quarterly or monthly. Paying for a year would work the cheapest but i figure most people much prefer to do a monthly contract so you can cancel without losing any money, the monthly amount is £20 per month. £20 per month compared to other apps is actually a tad expensive but not too bad, the free trial however is unarguable, which makes this app a very good price.

FIIT app pre-purchase result: 4/5 - Very Good

FIIT App Overview Review

The start of the app you have to enter your current fitness level and what you aim to achieve through their app. I entered that i am of an intermediate level and my goal was to lose weight. They set me up with the 14 days of cardio workout plan. Over 2 weeks they give me 4 classes a week to complete at any time that i wanted. They were 4 different classes called Nonstop, Circuits, Full Body Stretch and Combat #1, all pretty self explanatory names and with different trainers.

I had a scope around the rest of the app to see what else it could offer. They do offer a massive variety of workout plans, classes and personal trainers. They don't offer to set up a meal plan or point you in the right direction but they do have a blog containing plenty of nutritional information. They even offer live classes that you can book onto and watch live. You can change your program if you want to get a different plan and you can really pinpoint what classes you want. You can choose no equipment, dumbbells only, quiet workouts and many more different options.

Wide range of classes and plans but a tad strange how they don't offer to set up a meal plan for you or tell you what days to perform the workouts and when to rest.

App Overview Score: 3.5/5 - Good

FIIT App Workout Review

I followed the program which it set out for me, i figured this would be the way to get the best results. I did do one live class to see what it was all about and it did really impress me, it was a lower stretch workout. The main thing that i quickly realised was how did they expect me to lose weight on a 14 day program completing 4 sessions per week? Straight away alarm bells where ringing it wouldn't work out, especially considering the workouts are only around 25 minutes long. I still went ahead and followed the plan, i even used a diet that i found on the blog, a low carbohydrate high fat high protein ketogenic diet.

I have experience in being a nutritionist and i understand that ketogenic diets are very effective for losing weight. The results were quite intriguing, i am 6'2 and weighed in at 13st 4lb. After this short 2 week program and following a ketogenic diet i weighed in at 13st 1lb. Although it's a loss, even though a small one, it was only over a 2 week period. A small drop such as 3lbs though could easily be due to the scales being slightly out or the time of day i weighed myself. I have to say though if you can lose 3lbs in 2 weeks projecting that across a 6 or 8 week period would be a significant amount of weight lost. However, i simply followed the plan that they had given me.

Workout Score: 3/5 - Average

Re-Assess Purchase Review

Now that I had used the app and seen all it has to offer i could re-assess how valuable the app actually is. It does have a big range of workouts available but it doesn't offer to set a meal plan out for you which definitely makes me think i have to knock the score down. Coming in at £20 a month, other apps are cheaper on the market, even though they offer a massive range of workouts i can't get off my mind they don't set you a meal plan.

Purchase Score: 3/5 - Average

Customer Service Review

Customer service is great way to judge how a company views their customers. Companies that have great customer service and put them first obviously care value their customers. To test the water I decided to ask their chat option 'if i book onto a live class, can i then cancel if i can't proceed?'. Firstly they have a bot that tries to guide you towards the right answer but i opted to wait for a human. It then states that they typically reply within a few hours. For me they actually replied with a helpful answer within 5 minutes! You can't say fairer than that. Also you have the other option of the Facebook community if you have queries you wish not to take up with the FIIT customer service.

Customer service score: 5/5 - Perfect

FIIT Overall Review

There app offers a mass of programs, workouts and personal trainers but seems to lack in other areas. I love the live classes and think they're a great asset which i'm not sure many other apps provide. Once again i will reiterate the fact they don't offer you a meal plan or prompt you to provide your weight and height when downloading, so how can they workout your perfect plan without this information? The price is cheap at £20 a month but there are many apps cheaper available. Obviously the customer service was exceptional an has to be taken into consideration.

FIIT Overall Review: 3.5/5 - Good

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