Ecto-Mesomorph Workout Plan

Updated: May 4, 2020

Science says that until and unless your muscles are genetically mutant, your body shape can be classified in any of the three categories that are namely, ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. In this article, we will be focusing solely on the ecto-mesomorphs or ectomorphs and the workout plan that would be suitable for their bodies.

What Is An Ecto-Mesomorph?

An ecto-mesomorph, unlike ecto-endomorph, is someone whose body is naturally long and lean and faces a lot of difficulty in building muscles to tone out the shape of the physique. Ectomorphs are known to be good at processing and breaking down carbohydrates into energy thereby, multiplying the rate of metabolism and burning off fat easily. However, while this might be a lot of people’s dream, the disadvantage lies in bulking up because the fast-twitch fibres are underdeveloped.

In order to be more muscular, experts recommend ectomorphs to spend the least amount of time in cardio sessions and sway towards exercises comprising of compound workouts to stimulate the hormone release.

Cardio Training For Ecto-Mesomorph

Like we have said, an ectomorph shouldn’t emphasise cardio training much and the reason is quite simple and straightforward. The chief objective of cardio is to shed body fats at incredibly high speed and the ectomorphs want something that is the exact opposite of this.

  • · Spend only about 15-20 minutes in the cardio section of your gym.

  • · Engage in brisk activities like walking at a speed of 5km/h on the treadmill, using moderate to low-intensity bike rides. When you are doing the cardio exercises, do not treat them as a hard-core workout. Instead, perceive them as relaxing activities that will set the momentum for the rest of your workout plan and reduce stress.

Strength Training For Ecto-Mesomorph

Now, this is the part that an ectomorph should predominantly inject most of his efforts into. Devote at least 45 minutes to strength training every day if you want to notice positive changes in your body within a span of two or three months.

  • Only train one or two body parts each day so that you don’t end up losing more calories than what you had initially ingested. If you are working out six days a week, dissect the routine carefully. For instance, the target areas are:

  • Shoulders (Barbell squats, rear delt flies, deadlifts, military press)

  • Arms (seated barbell curls, incline dumbbell press, alternate dumbbell curls)

  • Chest (barbell bench press, dips, seated machine chest press, low-incline barbell bench press, incline bench cable fly)

  • Legs (back squats, sumo squats, leg press, Romanian deadlift, front and reverse lunges, Swiss ball hamstring curl)

  • Abs

  • Back

Therefore, assign one day of the week to each of them and the remaining one can be designated for performing a mixed routine that contains one or two exercises from all of these.

  • · Nevertheless, do not push yourself too much during the initial days; start from the basics and then gradually build up so that your body gets enough time to adapt itself with the changes. Train with heavy weights and incorporate lots of rest between the sets (of 2 or 3 minutes) and exercises.

  • · The focus should be to carry out 10-12 reps and 4-5 sets of each exercise.

  • · No matter how badly you want it, never train a group of muscles that is sore. If the inflammation is painful, you can either rest or try foam rolling for easy recovery.

Also, with a formidable ecto-mesomorph training plan, you should be careful about whatever you are eating because the suggested calorie intake per day is as high as 3000 and includes a lot of whey protein and starchy carbs. Check out the other article, to know more about an ecto-mesomorph meal plan that should be clubbed with this workout plan to get your hands on the best results possible.

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