Are Too Many Egg Yolks Bad For You? Myth or Not?

Updated: Jun 14, 2020


Eggs are one of the most popular food sources used around the globe. They can be eaten in meals at any time of day such as breakfast, dinner or tea. They are also a key ingredient used in baking and other cooking methods. Not only are eggs extremely versatile, they are also deemed very healthy, as well as usually very cheap.

These 3 factors are key to why eggs are so popular in the fitness community, highly thought of by bodybuilders and athletes alike. I myself consumed eggs pretty much everyday for breakfast for around 7 years until only just recently changing to a morning smoothie. I often would get told by people that eating too many eggs can be bad for you. The most common thing i get told is that too many egg yolks is bad for you. Is this actually true though? Is there a limit to the amount of eggs you can consume before it becomes damaging to your health? Let's find out.

Egg Nutrition

The main thing that people eat eggs for is there high amount of protein. Eating just a few eggs isn't very filling put can seriously pack a tonne of protein. However, the majority of the protein does come from the egg white but what does the egg yolk have to offer? Is the egg yolk all bad?

The average egg provides 72 calories, 55 from the egg yolk and 17 from the egg white. It provides 1.5 grams of saturated fats, with 1.4 of them coming from the egg yolk, still it's a very small amount so nothing to worry about. The amount of protein consumed with 1 egg is 6 grams, 3.6 from egg whites and only 2.4 from the egg yolks. The main factor is cholesterol, 1 egg will contain around 185mg of cholesterol with all of that coming from the egg yolk! It certainly looks pretty damming for the egg yolk, with seemingly all the good coming from the egg whites and all the bad from the egg yolks.

However, the egg yolk brings with it some health benefits that the egg white simply cannot. The egg yolk provides healthy amounts of riboflavin, vitamin b12, vitamin D, iron and folate. Quite simply, these are extremely important vitamins and minerals for keeping your body fit and healthy, a deficiency in any of these can be troublesome. Is this enough to counter act the amount of cholesterol though?

Egg Yolks Good Or Bad?

The amount of cholesterol that is recommended to consume is no more than 300mg in a day. However, if you have a heart disease or any type of disease/illness where you haven been advised to reduce your cholesterol then you should not be exceeding 200mg. With the egg yolk roughly containing 185mg of cholesterol then it would not be advisable to eat more than 1 egg yolk per day. If you don't have issues then i would say you shouldn't eat more than 2 eggs yolks a day on average. Or in other words no more than 14 egg yolks in a week long period.

Now with all this taken into account, what about the goodness that comes from the egg yolks, as there is plenty. All the vitamins and minerals that it contains are very useful for your body. I'm just going to go through a select few. Vitamin D for example is well known to be mainly consumed through the sun but apart from that, it can be quite difficult to find it in foods. Other than egg yolks, only some fish, some cheeses and foods like soy milk contain vitamin D. Riboflavin on the other hand can only really be found in salmon, beef and specific vegetables or nuts. Vitamin b12 can only be found in fair amounts in certain fruits, some fish and different meats. Due to all this, you can see why egg yolks can be deemed useful.

To answer the question are egg yolks good or bad? They are healthy and good for you, simple as that. If you don't exceed 2 a day on average for most people or 1 a day on average for people with heart problems.

Egg Whites Good or Bad?

Egg whites seem to get a good rep and never really get looked into. People seem to just assume that egg whites are a super food. I mean they can't be far wrong can they? They taste great, can be cooked in so many different ways, cheap and full of protein. Does this mean it's all good and no bad?

Yes this is all correct, in my eyes egg whites are super healthy and great for building muscle or getting fit. As always, take into consideration not to each too much, as too much of anything can turn something good into something bad.

Super Eggs!

To finish off I would like to say that eggs are fantastic for everyone who wants to build muscle or just generally stay fit and healthy. Just be sure when cooking eggs not too add too much salt or to cook them in too much oil and you can't go far wrong. They are extremely tasty whether you fry, scramble, poach or boil them, so be sure to try work them into your diet when possible.

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