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This Website is for all fitness enthusiasts.  From the people just starting all the way to the people at the top of their game.  We encourage good helpful knowledge to be shared across our platform in useful articles as well as the forum.  All articles will be reviewed by the team to make sure it's useful and truthful to the community.  Our personal trainer reviews are completely unbiased to hopefully give you guidance towards YOUR ideal PT.  We also have weekly/monthly competitions for loyal subscribers!  We like to reward loyalty, so every month and sometimes bonus competitions through the month, we will hand out prizes to loyal subscribers.  The longer your remain loyal, the more entries you will receive in our monthly draws!  Prizes go from fitness equipment to actual cash deposited into your bank or PayPal account!  We also offer our members the chance to contribute your own articles.  We will pay $10 to anyone who submits an article reviewing and online personal trainer.  The article must be of a high enough quality and there must be evidence you have followed the regime.  Rather proof of payment or just an image of the workouts themselves.

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